Nation 25

Founded in 2015 by Elena Abbiatici, Sara Alberani and Caterina Pecchioli, Nation25 works as artistic and curatorial collective and intents to generate a dialogue between artists, curators, humanitarian, activists, both refugees and not. They have worked with ongoing collaborative format like round tables, laboratories, actions, also in collaboration with Avenir Institute (Brussels and London), Biennale Urbana, Sale Docks, Teatro Marinoni (Venice), Stalker, Yante – Youth Art and Levante (Vienna/Palestine), Kinkaleri, Free Home University (Lecce), AMM (Rome), lettera27 (Milan), Epicenter Projects (San Andreas Fault, California), “Exile Europa”, Greek Pavilion, Biennale Architettura, Venice; Something Else, Cairo OFF Biennale, L’Orientale of Naples, Villa Romana, Florence.