Gábor Bertényi

One of the founders of Szimpla (www.szimpla.hu), an internationally well-known alternative bar and cultural centre in the downtown of Budapest. He has a wide range of experience in the agrifood sector in Hungary, with a special focus on urban-rural relations and food sovereignty issues. He has initiated and managed Farmers’ Markets in the country and in the capital and conducted a sustainable rural development research-seminar at the Lorand Eotvos University/Budapest/H between 2011 and 2014.

His current enterprise Agri Kulti Ltd. (www.agrikulti.hu) plans and implements participatory action researches in the field of bioregionalism and local economy development. He is co-owner of Házikó (launched in 2014), which channels small-scale farm products into the big city gastronomy. As a practical manifestation of the researches, Házikó project provides a brand new perspective for family farms and conscious consumers in Hungary (www.haziko.farm). He is currently giving lectures at the Culinary Institute of Europe/Budapest/H in the field of local food systems and sustainable gastronomy.