Robert Szucs-Winkler

Robert è nato in Germania ma è cresciuto in Ungheria, assorbendone lingue e culture. Ha studiato come computer economist, ha molto viaggiato alla ricerca della bellezza del Pianeta e ha lavorato come volontario per 4 continenti in progetti per la protezione della Terra. Al presente, lavora come direttore del dipartimento informatico di una società internazionale di consulenza ambientale, aiutando con appositi software le imprese a quantificare il loro impatto ambientale, attraverso numeri reali.

Crede comprendere quali numeri siano dietro il nostro impatto sull’ambiente sia alla base di un futuro migliore; ma è consapevole che gli strumenti più avanzati sono niente se non ci sono persone che li usino per cambiare il mondo.


Robert vive a Budaörs, Ungheria con sua moglie e la loro bambina di 10 mesi.

Robert was born in Germany but grew up in Hungary, learning both languages and getting to know both cultures. As a child he loved nature, spent most of his time outdoors with his friend and his dog discovering the neighboring woods and fields. During his university studies as a computer economist he has been involved in voluntary work and school projects, participated in local and national competitions on the fields of environment protection, sustainable education, social justice, fair leadership and connecting cultures. After his studies he worked and volunteered on 4 continents and saw the beauty of our planet. Currently he is leading the environmental IT department of an international environmental consulting company, helping companies with their software to understand the real numbers behind their environmental impact.

He believes that a better future can only be established by understanding the real numbers behind our impacts as this can lead us to a roadmap of a more sustainable future. For this proper IT systems can give a good basis. But a good system is nothing without good people using it to change the world, so he is also active as one of the founders with the Heroes of Responsible Dining Foundation with whom they aim to promote responsible choices when eating out or at home. Food connects every person on the planet as we have to eat to stay alive, but we should do it better.
Robert is currently living in Budaörs, Hungary with his wife and their 10 moths old baby daughter. Having a child gave him yet another reason to take good care of our natural resources, striving for a sustainable lifestyle, protecting our beautiful world for the generations to come.